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Negotiation Skills


Full day or two day workshop


We negotiate all the time: at work and at home, with customers, colleagues, partners and friends. It is a central process in conflict resolution, problem solving, persuasion and communication. An understanding of fundamental negotiation skills will make this essential ability more advantageous and less stressful for all parties, and taking the time to develop your personal skillset will ensure you get what you want more often.


  • Learn skills to negotiation with a ‘win-win’ intention.
  • Develop confidence to deal with power and status.
  • Leave with systems and checklists to plan and prepare effectively.


  • Negotiation styles
  • Win-win intention
  • Planning and preparing for negotiations
  • The importance of questioning and listening well
  • Proposing and bargaining
  • The power game: understanding power and status in negotiation
  • How to read what someone is thinking
  • Negotiation skills practice and case studies

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