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Changing Behaviours, Improving Mindset, Boosting Energy

Presenting with Panache


Full day or two day workshop


The ability to present in an engaging manner is a vital business skill: whether you are presenting to a small or large group, it is usually the make or break component of effectively training, gaining buy-in when implementing a vision or business plan, closing a sale, or receiving approval for a new idea or venture. During this practical workshop, competence levels will be significantly improved by learning the elements of a successful presentation, techniques to engage an audience, and the confidence to overcome the usual nerves associated with presenting to others. Participants will leave this course with the ability to plan and prepare exceptional presentations, and deliver them with the energy and enthusiasm required to ensure their message is not only heard, but remembered.


  • Apply engaging presentation techniques.
  • Ensure any content can be presented with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Ability to deliver your message in a way that will be understood and remembered.
  • Learn techniques for understanding, condensing and memorising content and avoid reliance on notes.


    Preparing to Present

  • Preparation checklist
  • Environmental basics: making the most of the room
  • Tips and tricks of the trade: whiteboards, flipcharts, PowerPoints and handouts

    Welcome and Building Rapport

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Getting your intention right
  • 4MAT
  • The MUD model
  • Introducing yourself and your topic
  • Gaining audience trust and establishing relevance
  • Engaging an audience of any size

    Your Voice and Body

  • Motivational and inspirational delivery
  • Voice fundamentals: rhythm, volume, projection and pitch
  • The physiology of confidence
  • Generating energy
  • The power of gestures

    Making Information Interesting

  • Organising your flow: mind mapping and CPD’s
  • Storytelling and using humour
  • The art of debriefing, summarising and linking

    Encouraging Engagement

  • Running effective activities and games
  • Skills practice and role plays that work


This workshop will include an impromptu presentation plus one other planned presentation in order to practice new skills in a safe environment amongst peers, gain experience in delivering content, and obtain honest feedback on style and energy.

  • “As a new facilitator I found "Presenting with Panache" invaluable to my development. The course was informative, engaging and packed with practical "how to's" that I have been able to easily implement following the course. I enjoyed every moment of the course and it has been of immense benefit to me professionally. I cannot speak more highly of the course.”

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