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How our clients and participants describe the effect
Auridian not only
provides an outstanding
level of support
but they educate,
motivate and inspire
everyone they touch. Sharon Naylor, Flight Centre

I never laughed so
much in a training session
before in my life and I
think that's just what
I needed to pick me up. Retail Sales Consultant

The room was silent
because there were so
many light bulbs going
off, it was amazing! Area Manager

The course instils a sense
of belief that possibilities
are endless and this is
evident in the growth
I have experience over
the last 6 months,
with consecutive PB's. Travel Consultant

I felt an impact from
the content learned immediately.Business Development Manager

I couldn't wait to get to
the office to put into
place all the things
you had discussed with us!Retail Manager
  • "I have used Auridian for a number of crucial training needs in the NSW business. They always find a novel approach to the outcome desired. They always have a solution whatever you throw at them. And they are fun to work with. Highly recommended.”  JOHN VEITCH, NSW EGM – FLIGHT CENTRE LIMITED 
  • “I have been utilising Auridian for the last 5 years as our preferred training company. Not only do they deliver great subjects and training but they also work with you to formulate your needs. I have thrown many difficult challenges at Auridian to work with my team and strategise, and every time the outcome has been beyond my expectations."  PENNY SPENCER, MANAGING DIRECTOR – SPENCER TRAVEL
  • “Auridian is a company I have used a number of times, both for strategy and execution of development of different teams and companies I have been involved in. Meg and her team have listened carefully to the needs of the organisation and then developed and delivered a world-class professional program that is accountable for results. I recommend Meg and her team to any leader driving change.”  KEITH STANLEY, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT
  • “I have had the pleasure of using Auridian for classroom, conference and workshop sessions and each one has not only met but exceeded my needs and expectations. Their ability to adapt and develop programs to meet individual needs makes them a worthy partner in education and inspiration.”  GAVIN MILLER, NATION LEADER – FLIGHT CENTRE LIMITED
  • “They found the trainer inspiring and engaging, and they found the course content incredibly helpful. Quite frankly, this course has been a huge success for us and we will be seeing the benefits on an ongoing basis. Thanks to Auridian – once again an outstanding outcome for us and money well spent!”  NIKKI TULLY, BRAND LEADER – ESCAPE TRAVEL
  • “Excellent presenter who combined both humour with a high level of professionalism. Kept the audience captivated for the full length of the four-hour activity. Succeeded in making the audience not only participate in self-analysis, but scrutinise it, for their day-to-day dealings with people.” HILDA DUFF, REGIONAL ADMINISTRATION OFFICE - NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE
  • “I lead a team of eleven leaders, most of whom are new to running a retail business. Although keen, most of them are struggling to achieve consistent profitable results and find leading their people challenging. 2 months ago we participated in Meg’s 'Turn Your Shop into a Business' and we loved it! The session was high energy and we walked away with practical and simple tools to use day to day. There were a few 'lightbulb' moments and a few people asking "gosh, why didn't we do this sooner?!". Our results over the last two months have improved significantly - a few businesses have even set some new records - and there is no doubt that the session outcomes and follow up have contributed to this.” LIN PIH, AREA LEADER - 99 BIKES
  • “Over the last 12 months, we have done numerous training sessions with Auridian. Some of these training sessions have been from their normal portfolio where they have tailor made them fit to my audience. On other occasions they have completely built a training session to what my requirements have been. Every single session has been fantastic and my consultants have implemented significant change into their business. I can't speak highly enough of Meg and her team and the outcomes we have achieved.” MEGAN LOWE, AREA LEADER – INFINITY HOLIDAYS
  • “I’ve done a number of sales training courses over the years however this one was different – by the end of the day, I felt empowered with new skills and information. Our dynamic trainer delivered the course in an engaging and interesting manner that kept the day fun and informative. I understand my staff better and as well as them being able to understand and communicate with their own clients better, they now have the knowledge to reach their full potential when it comes to setting and achieving their sales goals.” MANAGER – TERRITORY DISCOVERIES
  • “Meg is technically proficient and focuses on customer needs. She provides high-quality tailored solutions and value for money. She is passionate about what she does and has an engaging temperament that relates well to audiences of all types. She possesses business acumen, and is able to seamlessly adapt and successfully meet even the most challenging demands.”  FAY DE SARAM, LEARNING& DEVELOPMENT MAMANGER A&NZ - UGL LIMITED
  • “I was fortunate to participate in a training course hosted by Auridian. My management team enjoyed two full-on days of management and leadership focussed learning. During the workshop activities we were able to reflect on our own business and Meg helped us to identify the critical elements that were important for us. I feel that our team has come away with a whole new attitude about our own egos and towards those in the teams we manage.” CHRISTOPHER SNELL, BRANCH MANAGER – HOCKINGSTUART PROPERTY INVESTOR SERVICES
  • “I would love the opportunity to participate in further training with Auridian Training & Consulting. The trainer made the afternoon so much fun – thank you!” CHRIS SPROULE, OWNER MANAGER – TELECHOICE
  • “Auridian has such a wide range of services, products and new courses on offer and the content is fresh, relevant and simple. The people working for Auridian are upbeat, credible and passionate about their field. They are genuine and focused on your outcomes as a customer and they cater to these in every presentation. Auridian always think outside the square, they are flexible and so much fun to have involved in your development days.” SALLY YOUNGS, NATION LEADER – FLIGHT CENTRE LIMITED
  • “I can highly recommend this training as it has inspired and motivated so many of my people who are at so many levels in their careers. Where I have seen the biggest impact is in my leaders and experienced consultants who let’s just say, can be a little resistant to change or feedback. Gavin has an ability to look at our business and give some outside the square ideas, challenge the behaviours and ultimately influence some great change in these people.” REBECCA MCKENZIE, AREA LEADER - ESCAPE TRAVEL 
  • “I found the session enlightening, enjoyable (often very humorous) and greatly beneficial in understanding how each individual has varying needs in obtaining fulfilment. The trainer was a very interactive and dynamic facilitator, who was able to grasp the attention of the audience and deliver the message soundly.”   LANGDON GOULD, ZONE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT OFFICER – NSW RURAL FIRE BRIGADE
  • “I have absolute confidence investing resources in Auridian training courses for my people. I know without a doubt that they will receive training that is high energy, relevant, consistent with the team’s vision and has an impact on the individual that extends beyond just the days in training and inspires them to bring back the ideas and strategies they learn to their teams. The amount of staff that return from a session at Auridian inspired and excited to achieve their goals is worth every dollar spent.” PEITA EVANS, AREA LEADER NSW – FLIGHT CENTRE LIMITED
  • “The integrity shines through and she engaged extremely well with our middle management team, sharing with them her intelligence and humour, which created a safe environment where you could start working on the hard stuff… posing questions that often would seem threatening, all of a sudden, seemed appropriate and due to this we were able to make head way with issues that often seem to remain in the “Too Hard Basket.”    LOIS CROOK, RETAIL BUSINESS MANAGER - SEALINK TRAVEL GROUP
  • “The team at Auridian have provided both our team and myself with all of the tips and tricks that have given us the confidence to not only drastically improve our presentations, but to own the moment as we share our experiences and enthusiasm for our product with our ever expanding client base.” BRADLEY ELLIS, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER – TRAVEL INDOCHINA
  • “In my 8 years with HWT, this is by far THE BEST training I have ever attended.” TRAVEL CONSULTANT - HARVEY WORLD TRAVEL
  • “I think we have created a great opportunity for the Groups Department that will be the envy of other areas of the business. Meg is a good egg and I am privileged to be able to unleash her on my team.”  CRAIG JAMES, APT GROUPS DEPARTMENT MANAGER - AUSTRALIA PACIFIC TOURING
  • “This program exceeded my expectations beyond belief!!! Confidence in yourself is the biggest asset you have as a trainer – and mine was lifted to a higher level than ever before – I am absolutely on fire and ready to take on anything! My only suggestion for improvement would be that we need to have these more frequently! I loved all the practical exercises – the more the better. Meg is a brilliant, funny, talented, knowledgeable and dynamic. A role model to aspire to!” TRISH MURRAY, CORPORATE TRAINING MANAGER NZ – FLIGHT CENTRE LTD
  • “I got a lot out of it that I can apply to different aspects of my life (not just work). The trainer was fantastic; very, very funny – in fact the best laugh I have had for a very long time.” JUANITA BLOOMFIELD, ACCOUNT MANAGER - STAGE AND SCREEN
  • “Meg has been providing personal development training to our team, each quarter, for the last eighteen months. Her energy and enthusiasm has to be seen to be believed! She has deep and detailed knowledge of her subject which she is able to present in an entertaining and practical way.” MELISSA HEALY, DIRECTOR – DFK EVERALLS
  • “This training turned my Flight Centre career and results around. I have increased my average commission per month by approximately $10,000 making around 6 monthly personal bests in a row. In those months I have also qualified for the Global Ball as an individual.” CAROLYN BARTON, TRAVEL CONSULTANT - FLIGHT CENTRE BAROSSA
  • “I was at the course you held yesterday and I thought it was brilliant. You gave me another aspect of looking at sales and how to make my business really work. I couldn't wait to get to the office to put into place all the things you had discussed with us! I can't wait for our business meeting where I can share some of these brilliant ideas with the rest of the team and watch our sales and commission levels go higher and higher. Thank you so much for what was for me one of the most beneficial and fun days in a course that I have ever had. LORRAINE CHARLECRAFTE, MANAGER – ESCAPE TRAVEL HIGHPOINT
  • “After this course I understand what type of person I am, what my staff are, and what my friends and family are. This will hopefully help me have more patience with all of them! The only suggestion for improvement is that next time I am able to bring my wife!! The presenters were fantastic, had a hell of a lot of energy, were very easy to understand and last but not least were great people.” GROUP TRAVEL SUPERVISOR - APT
  • “Gavin Carnegie from Auridian did a fantastic job presenting DISC training to our leadership team. His high energy approach and knowledge of the content helped get many of the key concepts across to the team. The team left the training with a greater appreciation of different behaviour styles and better understanding of each other styles. We are currently working with Auridian to do more training as a result of this course.” ANDREW WEIR, General Manager – DJO Global

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