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Auridian has been providing high energy inspirational training and conference workshops for over a decade to more than 60 companies in 13 countries.

Established in 2004 by Meg Salter and Gavin Carnegie, Auridian’s mission has always been to empower people to convert their potential. Frustrated by the realisation that many individuals and organisations were getting stuck doing the same old things in a changing market, Meg and Gavin set out to educate sales forces and service teams in more practical ways of thinking. In over ten years of providing workshops built on cutting edge concepts, Auridian has developed a strong reputation as the go-to company for any organisation wanting to drive results and inspire change.

Described by our clients as highly entertaining and incredibly motivational, Auridian prides itself on its no excuses approach to behavioural change and a common-sense attitude towards skills development. All of our courses have been designed specifically to solve the problems our clients have approached us with; researched and designed with a particular pain point in mind. Whether we have been appointed to increase conversion rates in an over-enquired market, improve communication and morale within an organisation or team, elevate leadership skills to accommodate rapid growth, or work with individuals and teams to improve productivity, Auridian has exceeded expectations.

We have been fortunate enough to have over ten years working with the same clients, fine tuning our workshops to ensure they get consistently excellent results. Participants in Auridian courses and conference workshops more often than not report personal best sales results, much higher confidence levels, and excitement in having a new suite of fresh yet simple skills to implement in order to improve. Companies enjoy working with us due to our ability to quickly grasp their business needs, realize their problems and concerns, and formulate a dynamic plan to help them overcome them. Most importantly however, we ensure that learning is fun.

Work with us and prepare to laugh, to be inspired, and to feel motivated to do things differently. Work with us if you are ready to convert your potential.

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