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As a manager or leader, it can be extremely frustrating to know how much potential your team has, yet to see opportunities wasted.

Auridian leadership courses provide the personal insight, skills, knowledge and attributes you need to successfully lead others in the workplace. With a focus on effective communication, behavioural awareness and emotionally intelligent leadership, participants discover how to engage employees, create meaningful relationships and drive performance in the workforce.

These courses will help new and experienced leaders develop the skills to create a working environment where every staff member has an opportunity to excel, and enable them to harness the potential of your most valuable resource – people.

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Managing People

Managing people is not easy, and there is no doubt that people-related issues take up too much of a manager’s time and energy. With the ultimate responsibility for guiding….

Leading Change

Most major change initiatives, whether intended to boost productivity, improve customer service levels, or increase business sustainability….

Maintaining Motivation

Why do your team members come to work? If it’s just about pay, then chances are they won’t hang around for long. Motivation is not just about rewards….

Turn Your ‘Shop’ into a ‘Business’

Are your current business results due to the fact you are running a well-oiled machine, where every person understands exactly what is expected of them and takes responsibility….

Courageous Conversations

It is one thing to have communication systems in place within a business, but another altogether to ensure that these one on one and team conversations are honest, effective and addressing….

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