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Our trainers are amongst the most experienced, energetic and enthusiastic in the country. They are down to earth and driven by results, with an unwavering commitment to quality. Meet our directors and principal trainers.

Meg Salter

“It takes a particular and very unique type of person to command the attention of everyone in a room simply with their presence. Charismatic, intelligent and extremely witty; a session with Meg with enable any open mind to learn and grow on both a personal and professional level”.
Brooke Omara, Team Leader

To hear Meg speak is to experience the energy that comes from converting potential: the electricity that is generated when ideas are transformed into goals, and then into reality.

With close to 20 years’ experience in retail sales and service industries in Australia and the UK, Meg is dedicated to bridging the gap between what businesses are doing and what the market expects. Known for her ability to look at topics in a different light and deliver information in an entertaining fashion, she has earned an exciting reputation as an international facilitator and speaker,

Meg has motivated countless delegates at national and international conferences for a diverse range of companies including Flight Centre Limited, The Chrisco Group, Miele Australia, Telechoice, the NSW Rural Fire Brigade, Defense Housing Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants. As an authority in sales and leadership, Meg is committed to empowering individuals to change their behaviours and mindset in order to achieve success.

Meg believes that training is above all a transfer of energy and enthusiasm. Her dynamic presence and infectious humour are hallmarks of her spirited style, which makes her highly sought-after. Passionate and inspirational, Meg is a charismatic catalyst for change, who truly practices what she preaches.


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator qualified trainer (steps I & II)
  • DISC Behavioural Styles qualified trainer
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Masters Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Certified Christopher Howard Results Coach
  • Certificate in Neurological Repatterning
  • Bachelor of Science, Australian National University
  • Bachelor of Asian Studies, Australian National University

If you would like to contact Meg directly, call 0414 503 887 or email her now.

Gavin Carnegie

The BEST trainer! He’s so charismatic and engaging, you just want to listen to him and absorb everything he says!!!!
Carmen Nunn Team Leader

Charismatic. Passionate. Highly entertaining. Just some of the words participants have used to describe a workshop with Gavin.

Gavin cultivated his passion for developing others during years of experience as an award-winning consultant, facilitator and leadership trainer at Flight Centre Limited, one of Australasia’s largest travel retailers. He honed his high-voltage style during his time in the training division of the company, where he played several key roles including manager. He gained an excellent reputation for inspiring sales and support staff to perform at their best, was instrumental in devising many innovative training programs, and was awarded by the company as their best trainer nationally.

Since joining Auridian, Gavin’s focus has been on developing his knowledge around the application of behavioural change in the workplace and the restrictive nature of habits, and is now considered an expert in this field. Accredited in DISC Behavioural Styles and Herrmann Brain Dominance (HBDI), he has the ability to motivate participants of all levels to implement skills and techniques they learn with him in order to realise dramatic improvements in performance.

He is passionate about encouraging people to find the best in themselves and in others. He has an unwavering belief that everyone has a unique set of strengths and is an expert at teaching you how best to use them. People come out of his sessions with their eyes opened to the power of their own potential and the ability to convert it into tangible results.


  • Behavioural Styles qualified trainer
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
  • HBDI qualified trainer

If you would like to contact Gavin directly, call 0408 944 107 or email him now.

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