Running a team profiling event can be an incredibly powerful way to build stronger working relationships. By enabling participants to look at each other’s styles objectively and gain an understanding of how different people tick, the walls tend to crumble and respect grows.

Profiling workshops are enormously fun events and everyone leaves with a better understanding of themselves both at work and in life. The majority of these workshops require participants to complete an individual questionnaire prior to the course commencement, and they receive their personal profile on the day. Auridian facilitators make themselves available during and after the course to all participants should any questions or concerns arise – in particular the variety that are not easy to bring up in front of a group of colleagues.

All of our profiling workshops are half day to three-quarter day sessions, and we can run them for very small groups (less than 10) through to very large groups (in the 100’s).

Auridian offers a number of profiling options;

Which profile is best for my team?

DISC is excellent for:

  • Teams who need to work better together.
  • People who want to develop more effective communication strategies.
  • Organisations who wish to create an improved customer experience or sales strategy.

Myers Briggs is excellent for:

  • Team bonding.
  • Personal development and self-awareness.
  • Creating greater acceptance and more considerate attitudes towards others.

Herrmann Brain Dominance is excellent for:

  • Building strong teams.
  • Eliminating barriers that extinguish creativity.
  • Navigating thinking obstacles that affect efficiency.

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