Great Reads

We are often asked to recommend books to read that will give more insight into the concepts we teach and expand thinking.

These are all highly recommended by our team and are guaranteed to give you plenty to get the juices flowing.


  • Fierce Conversations: Susan Scott
  • Fierce Leadership: Susan Scott
  • The Leader Who Had No Title: Robin Sharma
  • The Secret Laws of Management: Stuart Wyatt
  • The E-Myth – Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it: Michael E Gerber
  • The Tipping Point – how little things can make a big difference: Malcolm Gladwell
  • The Magic of Thinking Big: David Schwartz


  • The 4 Hour Work Week: Timothy Ferris
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Stephen Covey
  • Make It Happen – turning good ideas into great results: Peter Sheehan
  • Implement: Matt Church and Peter Cook
  • Get Things Done: David Allen
  • Willpower: Roy F Baumeister and John Tierney
  • Making Habits Breaking Habits: Jeremy Dean


  • Selling with a Noble Purpose: Lisa Earle McLeod
  • Escaping the Price Driven Sale: Snyder and Kearns
  • Free – the Future of a Radical Price: Chris Anderson
  • Priceless – the Myth of Fair Value: William Poundstone
  • Influence – the Psychology of Persuasion: Robert B Cialdini


  • Be Excellent at Anything: Tony Schwartz
  • The Element – how finding your passion changes everything: Ken Robinson
  • Natural Born Winners: Robin Sieger
  • Man’s Search for Meaning: Viktor E Frankl
  • Outliers – the story of success: Malcolm Gladwell
  • The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho
  • What Makes People Tick – the 10 desires that drive us: Hugh Mackay
  • Predictably Irrational – the hidden forces that shape our decisions: Dan Ariely
  • Drive – the surprising truth about what motivates us: Daniel H Pink

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