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In society today, we are surrounded by information and we are constantly being sold to. With the advent of the internet and the constant bombardment of advertising, marketing calls and spam emails, customers’ attitudes towards buying and salespeople have changed drastically. As search engines become more sophisticated and online buying becomes mainstream, the role of the traditional salesperson needs to be redefined. In order to maintain a sustainable business, now more than ever we need to be clever about how and what we sell and make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. We need to take our understanding of the psychology of sales to the next level and learn to appreciate the often irrational thought patterns that lead people to purchase. This workshop will enable all sales and service staff to deal more effectively with their clients, be less cynical about the changes in the market, and empower them with new skills that will enable them to meet the needs of the modern day buyer.


  • Articulate the importance of creating and maintaining relationships.
  • Add value to clients buying experience by moving from being an ‘information service’ to valuable asset and decision making coach.
  • Increase margin by being able to explain products and illustrate value in a competitive manner.


  • The changing market: new game, new rules
  • Information overload: our new role as decision making coach
  • A new Sales Process that respects customers needs
  • Understanding the decision making process
  • The ‘Value Equation’: costs versus benefits
  • Illuminating value and directing comparisons
  • Escaping the price driven sale
  • Controlling the close (so that it isn’t a close)


“The courses had great insight into the sales process, provided a fresh way to look at the sales process and how to grow your business from this. All information presented was relevant and tailor made to our specific sales role.”

“The course Selling in the Information Age had such great feedback from my most experienced leaders and changed their behaviour for the better.”

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