Turn Your ‘Shop’ into a ‘Business’



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Are your current business results due to the fact you are running a well-oiled machine, where every person understands exactly what is expected of them and takes responsibility for their own performance? Or do you feel like you are doing all the right things, but still feel that you have little control over your business results and are surviving in fickle market? This practical workshop will teach you the strategies and approaches you need to implement in order to create a high performance culture and a motivated team of people who are accountable for their own contribution to the bottom line. Leaders will leave this session with a renewed energy and passion to run a profitable business. They will know exactly what needs to be done in order to capitalise on the existing talent in their team, and will learn techniques to ensure that their team members are truly on board and accountable for their own performance. And most importantly, they will be committed to making it happen.


  • A ‘profit’ focus and ownership over team’s performance.
  • Clear list of expectations and consequences.
  • Increased skill and confidence to deal with underperformance effectively.


  • Is your store a ‘shop’, ‘consultancy’ or ‘business’
  • Why underperformance occurs
  • ‘Excuses’ versus ‘Belief’
  • When to coach, when to train, when to discipline and when to motivate
  • Creating accountability
  • Setting and communicating expectations
  • Creating consequences

“I lead a team of eleven leaders, most of whom are new to running a retail business. Although keen, most of them are struggling to achieve consistent profitable results and find leading their people challenging. 2 months ago we participated in Auridian’s ‘Turn Your Shop into a Business’ and we loved it! The session was high energy and we walked away with practical and simple tools to use day to day. There were a few ‘lightbulb’ moments and a few people asking “gosh, why didn’t we do this sooner?!”. Our results over the last two months have improved significantly – a few businesses have even set some new records! – and there is no doubt that the session outcomes and follow up have contributed to this. I would definitely recommend it for any business leader.”

JLIN PIH | Area Leader – 99 Bikes

“I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for last Thursday. The room was silent because there were so many light bulbs going off, it was amazing! The entire day was fantastic; everything from moving their mind set from a successful ‘shop’ to a successful ‘business’, the excuse busting & accountability was spot on! You certainly turned our usual way of thinking upside down and it was exactly what we needed. Brilliant, fantastic, love it – just watch this area soar! Thank you!”

JASNA STEVANJA | Area Leader NSW – Flight Centre Limited

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