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Most major change initiatives, whether intended to boost productivity, improve customer service levels, or increase business sustainability, are poorly received by those expected to live and breathe the new system or policy, and often fail miserably. Organisations often try to accelerate the process by cutting corners or having unreasonable expectations and timeframes, and most leaders don’t truly understand the effect of change on both performance and culture. John P Kotter maintains that too many leaders don’t realise that change is a process rather than an event, and as a result do not allocate the required resources in the planning stages of an initiative to ensure its success. This workshop enables leaders to understand the psychological effects of change on their people, and appreciate each stage of the change process in order to create a system for the future to boost their chances of a success.


  • Recognise the inevitability and ultimate benefits of change.
  • Gain an understanding of the psychology of change and why humans find it difficult.
  • Ensure all leaders have a good understanding of Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change and how to apply it in their area or team.
  • Create a system for future rollouts and ensure everyone understands and takes responsibility for their role in the plan


  • The psychology of change: seven irrational truths
  • The five stages of change
  • The effects of change on performance
  • Leading Change: Kotter’s 8 Steps
  • Putting the Theory into Practice: Change Process Audit
  • A system for the future


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