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High achievers in all walks of life exhibit excellent organisational and prioritising abilities. They seem ‘in control’, do not succumb to procrastination, avoid distractions, and focus their energy on tasks and projects that they know will move them towards the achievement of goals. It is obvious that the flow-on effects of such virtuous behaviours will be more resilience, less stress, better balance, higher productivity and a more fulfilling life; so why don’t we all do these things? When it comes to managing our time effectively, most of us know what to do in theory, but struggle to actually change our behaviours and habits. This course helps to close the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘implementing’ and creates clarity around how to make the necessary permanent adjustments in both work and life. Often described as “life changing”, this workshop provides practical tools and techniques that permit participants to become more productive and achieve immediate improvements in results.


  • Recognise the effect of poor organisation on performance.
  • Analyse current time utilisation in order to identify time wasters.
  • Apply prioritisation techniques.
  • Create and implement a personalised time management system.


  • Taking responsibility and control
  • Creating balance
  • Making the most of your energy cycles
  • The importance of systems and routines
  • Your time thieves
  • Deciding and using priorities
  • Procrastination bootcamp
  • A commitment to change


“Since the course I have seen a great improvement in my time management and organisation. I have also recognised the value of my time in a way that I hadn’t seen before.”

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