Productive Habitudes


Half day workshop


In today’s fast moving and demanding business environment, many people are faced with more responsibilities and tasks, and less time to achieve them. With the only constant being change and interruptions fast becoming a way of life, it can be difficult to feel in control let alone be proactive. Productive habits and attitudes are critical to the success of an individual, the sustainability of a business and the achievement of balance. This workshop will assist participants in gaining greater control, teach them skills to create effective routines and habits, encourage them to develop stronger self-discipline, and ultimately enable them to manage their time more productively.


  • Learn powerful, practical strategies for improving organisation, efficiency and creativity in work and life.
  • Cut through the clutter in your mind, on your desk and via technology in order to get a lot more done with less effort.
  • Gain perspective on how to achieve more whilst maintaining work-life balance.


  • The cycle of success
  • The modern day dilemma: ‘Balance’ versus ‘Achievement’
  • Habitudes: the importance of blended habits and attitudes
  • Your Return on Energy (ROE)
  • Get focused
  • Get organised
  • Get disciplined
  • A formula for achievement
  • Implementing changes


The best thing about this course is that it forced me to bite the bullet and actually commit to making changes. We all know what we should be doing, but for the first time I actually went back to work and changed my habits.”

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