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The message is simple: what you think and how you feel influences what happens to you. Yet, somehow we continue to rely on external circumstances for our enjoyment and happiness. We often refuse to look within, and continue to defend our right to be miserable by blaming our partners, employees, politicians, parents, the economy and everything else that makes us feel angry, frustrated, guilty and sad. This course will challenge you to look within and change your outdated beliefs, resolve your inner conflict, and encourage you to become the person you want to be. By learning effective goal setting techniques, participants leave this workshop with the ability to take responsibility for their present, seize control of their future, and truly set out on the path to achieving what they have always hoped to.


  • Ownership over and understanding of beliefs and their role in your life.
  • Belief systems that create the life you want to lead.
  • Effective short and long term goal setting techniques.


  • The effects of beliefs and attitudes in your life
  • The functions of our conscious and subconscious brain
  • Creating maps and filters in your world
  • Goal setting and goal mapping
  • Removing the ceiling on what you can achieve


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