Courageous Conversations



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It is one thing to have communication systems in place within a business, but another altogether to ensure that these one on one and team conversations are honest, effective and addressing the right topics and concerns. As leaders when we fail to engage and say what we honestly think and feel, our business performance will inevitably suffer. Courageous Conversations has proven to be one of the most practical, thought provoking and relevant programs we offer. All participants will leave with the confidence and framework required to participate in important discussions with authenticity, maturity and grace. This workshop will change the way leaders look at communicating with their team, and teach them strategies to have the necessary conversations to bring about positive and productive working relationships. It will enable them to be more honest and balanced, and as a result, gain the respect of their team and achieve sustainable results.


  • Analyse and understand why some conversations are confronting.
  • Identify people and topics that need to be addressed in order to achieve business goals.
  • Understand the framework for effective conversations, and avoid common errors and pitfalls.
  • Prepare one issue for discussion, practice it in a safe environment and commit to having it on return to the business


  • What’s confronting about conversations
  • Understanding and respecting emotions
  • Personal integrity scan and team integrity check
  • Preparing an issue for discussion
  • Common mistakes made during important conversations
  • Effective questions for exploring issues
  • The confrontation model: Preparing the conversation
  • A contract with yourself


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