DISC Behavioural Styles



Half day workshop


The DISC model allows participants to develop a better understanding of their own needs and behaviours, and how these affect others. It enables people to build deep understanding of the people they interact with, their basic needs and why they behave the way they do. Using this model effectively in a team or organisation promotes an honest and open working environment in which people work well together towards achieving the best outcome, rather than getting stuck bickering about differences of opinions or different ways of approaching a task. DISC enables colleagues to build trusting relationships, and allows individuals within a team to communicate efficiently and effectively. DISC gives participants the skills to adapt their thinking and behaviour in order to be more flexible in a team environment. If you want your staff to work well together, have self awareness, be conscious of the effects of their behaviour on others, and be able to adapt their tendencies to be more effective in a team environment, DISC is for you.


  • Develop an understanding of natural behavioural tendencies, and an awareness of how behaviour affects others.
  • Learn to respect, appreciate, understand and value individual differences.
  • Improve ability to build trust with clients and colleagues.


  • Teams who need to work better together.
  • People who want to develop more effective communication strategies.
  • Organisations who wish to create an improved customer experience.


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