Convert Your Sales Potential

Stop working for free


Full day workshop


This inspirational course is founded on the belief that sales consultants have the potential to generate far greater sales than they are currently achieving based on existing levels of enquiry. By showing consultants how much work they are doing for free, focusing on their ‘unconversion rate’ and empowering them to pay themselves what they are worth, this workshop is guaranteed to motivate every sales person to achieve more.


  • Dramatic and instant improvement in sales figures.
  • The belief that it is possible to convert more sales.
  • Ownership of their own performance and their role in the goals of the business.


  • Making KPIs work in a business
  • The dollar value of 100% conversion
  • The concept of ‘working for free’
  • The secret ingredients to 100% conversion
  • Pay yourself what you are worth


“This training turned my Flight Centre career and results around.”

“After attending this course I have noticed a significant change. It has helped me improve my confidence, sales skills and dramatically increased my figures, along with understanding and adapting to the customer’s needs. The course instils a sense of belief that possibilities are endless and this is evident in the growth I have experience over the last 6 months, with consecutive PB’s.”

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